Here’s what I heard — what about you?

Created equal, by God, with help from Colts, Brownings, and Rugers?


To the Editor:

I watched President D.J. Trump preside over a Blue Collar Boom, in the Predominantly Red USA.

He spoke of school choice, the space force and vocational education in high school, of protecting healthcare, Medicare, and Social Security, and stopping government hand-outs to illegal immigrants.

He said a big Thank You to the Tuskegee Airmen, his great-grandson, and Rush Limbaugh.

We have record employment, record low unemployment and food stamps. We can all help the world by planting trees and help ourselves by being law abiding citizens, and by backing those in Law Enforcement.

We have 189 new federal judges who can read and understand the Constitution. Protect religious freedom and the Second Amendment. All people are created equal by God with Sam Colt, John Browning, and Bill Ruger helping to keep it that way.

Protect workers and property, down with socialism, support the military and Made in America. I heard “Four More Years — USA” and “Put our Prosperity First.”

In spite of all the good news some seemed rather unhappy with progress, forward and up, and got very little exercise standing or clapping.

A few seem happier when we are failing.

What did you see?


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