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According to Breitbart, both Mueller and recent Senate Intelligence Committee investigations found “no collusion” between Trump’s campaign and Russia. Mueller had this knowledge in 2016, but wanted to hurt GOP elections in 2018. It was FBI Kevin Clinesmith (Dem.) who pled guilty to altering a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application that allowed illegal spying of Trump and his associates. It was Hillary that paid for the “Russian dossier and gave 20% of US uranium to Russia.” Obama allowed Putin to take Crimea, the Space program and build oil pipelines to Europe. Trump heavily sanctioned Russia!

The House’ duties are to “investigate impeachment charges”; the Senate “reviews their findings” and determines if it meets Constitutional standards for impeachment. The International Monetary Fund instructed Trump to withhold aid to Ukraine. The IMF planned a raid on Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank and Burisma, where $7 Billion US dollars was lost by Obama and George Soros. Hunter Biden and Romney aide, Coffey worked at Burisma (#Ukraine Final Piece). After raid, Trump sent aid, so House fabricated charge.

Romney was the only GOP to vote guilty on abuse of power and Lamar Alexander voted not guilty on both charges! Witnesses were voted down, as it violated Senate rules. Democrat lawyers Dershowitz and Turley emphatically stated no impeachable offense happened!

Trump commuted Stone’s sentence after it emerged the head juror at Stone’s trial was a former Democrat Party Congressional candidate, who posted anti-Trump rantings on social media, during the trial. The bastardly Democrats bankrupted Stone and General Flynn, in an attempt to destroy Trump! Judge Berman was fired for not being a team player with officials at the Dept. of Justice. Trump had nothing to do with Bannon’s wall funding effort and disliked the wall’s construction.

John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence moved to paper briefings because those leaks are easier to trace. Trump’s administrations had 20 times the leaks as Obama!

People printing “the truth”, will give their name. New conspiracies appear weekly to destroy this president. Russia paid the Taliban to kill American soldiers---unsubstantiated to this day! Trumps’ removing postal boxes to win the election---denied totally by DeJoy. Trump wouldn’t visit American graves in France & called soldiers losers---Secret Service denied visit having no backup plan and 10 people with Trump denied the slanderous allegations!

Trump’s comment in NH in February, “in theory, he heard that heat may destroy the virus and he hoped that was true”. Six Democrat Governors mandated infected virus patients be put in nursing homes causing half the deaths, allowed protestors to gather daily, and labeled all deaths as COVID19 for additional hospital funding. Every country counts death differently and yes, these are the FACTS!

Charlotte Schnieders


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